She is Only 14

Dunamis necklace

She is 14 and has a one year old son. Who is the father? Her father. Take a moment to absorb that. I looked at her and felt my mother's heart experience all kinds of emotions; rage, sadness, despair, you name it and I felt it. As I looked into her young face, I realized how the one who is supposed to protect her, violated her. Not only did he impregnate her, he then sold her to his friends. I looked in the eyes of her little boy and wondered what his life would look like. Would he face a future of being sexually trafficked like his mom or would he be sold for his organs. I learned how cornea trafficking was on the rise. What?!? That was even new to me. I wanted to cry. I was crushed. God what am I supposed to do with all of this? The hopelessness of the situation was so overwhelming.

So I do what The Marketplace does best, we walk alongside our ministries and offer our assistance. Dunamis is creating a one of a kind facility in South America. You see this young lady stays in a 90 day safe house supported by the government. Dunamis picks the young ladies up at 9 am and they stay at their workshop til 1 pm. They receive counseling, learn a skill such as jewelry making and sewing, and experience God's redeeming love.

As Boris and I were working on prototypes, we listened to them sharing the Bible with each other. How appropriate that as we were creating new designs and giving new life to Dunamis, we were being filled with life giving words by these young ladies who were now experiencing God's love. Why is it important to increase sales? It's important to stop girls like this young mother from being sent home to where she was first trafficked. Dunamis is creating a 25 room home that will be able to take in young girls after their 90 day stay is up at the government safe house. They are still about $35,000 short of seeing this dream realized. Every sale matters. This young girl and her son matter.

We would like to share one of our new prototype Tagua Nut Necklaces with you all. What do you think of this? Cost? $32. Today I am heading to the house and will be sure to share some pics.

While at times things appear hopeless, we don't give up. We serve a God who can create light in any situation.

You Have Been Assigned This Mountain



In 6 days I head to Quito Ecuador, a city that is over 9000 feet above sea level and closest to the equator, to take on my next God assignment. What am I doing? I will be designing the Fall Collection with Dunamis, a ministry that rescues young girls from trafficking. We have already established in previous posts that I am not a professional designer. My background is in Finance. I believe God chooses to put me in front of this mountain to show others that they should not let the world define them. I am trusting God that if He has put this mountain in front of me, He will give me all the necessary tools to accomplish the assignment. But here is the good stuff- He gets the glory! If I was a trained designer you would expect amazing things from me. But as it stands I CAN create some awesome spreadsheets!  With God's tools, WE can create an amazing collection.

The beautiful thing about God assignments is that we don't create them, God creates them for us. He is the same one who created you. Doesn't it stand to reason that if He created you, He knows what you are capable of doing?

Our only choice in the matter is will we accept the assignment? Will you choose to move the mountain with Him? Have a great week guys!!

How Designs Begin



Dunamis design

Less than 2 weeks and The Marketplace will touch down in Quito Ecuador. No stress people, no stress!  Many have asked, "How do you come up with your designs?" A lot of factors play into our designs. In designing with Dunamis, we want to respect the culture and utilize tagua nut in a new way. We are constantly asking our customers what they love AND we are listening to their answer! We really do design for our customers. I don't design some crazy piece that is a work of art but not a soul is going to want to wear it!! But one of the most important considerations is that I want the artisans to love it! I want the young girls to be so proud of what they made with their hands. I have learned it doesn't matter where you live, women love beautiful things! It was so satisfying to hear how the women of SutiSana loved making the Hepburn! But the best part? They thanked me for challenging them to be better. They look at the designs they made and are so proud of themselves. Job well done!

As I sit with a sketch pad, there is a lot of prayer happening! Designs, necessary components, execution, will the customers love it,...? Someone said to me the other day, "You have the ability to change the trajectory of a young girls life." No pressure. For me, I just have to listen to the small still voice. I am not a designer. But that's what makes it good. God gets all the glory!!

The clock is ticking...let the designing begin!




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