Ability to change someone's life

Ability to change someone's life

I love fashion and beautiful product but nothing touches my heart and motivates me more than knowing that I have the ability to change a life, to change someone’s story. When I opened the box containing the new Fall Collection for DuHope, I was reminded of that. DuHope was created to provide opportunity for Rwandan women to exit sex work. When I purchase their product, I am getting to be a part of rewriting her story and I get to know her. How? Because each artisan signs her name on the card of the product she makes. Did you know that DuHope has educational classes to teach each artisan how to write? Imagine not being able to write, learning to sign your name is a big deal.

When I pulled the Adventure Necklace out of the new collection, I knew I had to own it. Made out of wood, coconut, and bone beads with a brass pendant, it is so unique and I felt it was very special. I have gotten an opportunity to work hands on with artisans around the world and I know how proud they are when they learn how to create a new product. As I flipped my card over and saw Geraldine’s name, I thought not only can she sign her name but she created something beautiful with her hands. I love how she is being valued for what she can make and who she is, instead of being used and taken advantage of. When I put on my new Adventure Necklace, I get to tell Geraldine’s story and it is a powerful one. When people say, you can’t change the world I think to myself, maybe not the whole world but I certainly have the ability to change someone’s life. 


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