All it Requires on Your Part is Trust

All it Requires on Your Part is Trust

Yesterday was such a beautiful Fall day, the air was crisp and the sun was full on! As I was making some new friends at the Starving Artist Market, I started thinking about when we were deciding on whether to get The Rolling Shack or not. I remember countless phone calls, “You can’t bring a fashion truck here.” “Fashion trucks aren’t regulated , so you are not allowed in Uptown.” I remember thinking, well God this idea isn’t gonna work. “Marisa, put your foot in the water, than I will part it.”  We did and then He did. We put the deposit down and before we had the keys, we raised the full amount!  We have been invited into Uptown!  But more than that, we have been invited to speak at different churches all over NC, heck even Virginia. Everything they ask they say, “Will you please bring the truck?” Absolutely!

If God is asking you to do something so contrary to “your” logic take the time to listen. We have met some of best people on that truck. Yesterday a woman hopped on board, “I met you at Waxhaw and was about to shop online and I saw you were going to be here. So here we are!” Another customer said, “I am looking for some things you posted on IG.” She then whipped out her phone and we started her shopping.  I never imagined what our Shack adventures would be like. We would not have been able to close the store and still have a close relationship with our locals without the truck. My point is we can only see what is in front of us. He knows the beginning , the middle, and the end. All it requires on your part is trust. Is it easy?  No, but it is so worth it. 


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