Choose Joy

Choose Joy

It’s been a rough past few weeks Gotta say I am not surprised. When we wired the funds to rescue a woman from trafficking to Samaritan Creations in Bangkok Thailand I knew all heck would break loose. I wasn’t disappointed. 

As I would journal every morning about all of the challenges I was facing, God kept drawing me back to why I started The Marketplace. He wanted me to focus on the joy. Each morning I would get up and remember a special story that had happened during this 5 year journey and that would help me get back into the fight. You see The Marketplace isn’t easy. We are going into dark places and fighting for the soul of a person. This ticks the enemy off, big time. He will do everything he can to trip us up. He is very cunning and some of his hits are spot on.  I had to make decision, I would not let him or anyone steal my joy. It’s a conscience decision I have to choose each and every day.

No matter how bad your day, week, month, or year is, there is joy. You have to make a conscience decision to focus on that. Do not let someone else’s stuff become your stuff. Do not let one minor set back derail your journey. Choose joy each and every morning. Once you do this, all the other stuff becomes smaller. God has a plan and out of these challenges, He can grow you. As you head into this week, remember choose joy and see what happens.




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