Partnership with SutiSana

Partnership with SutiSana

Lou, I am about to single-handedly take down a ministry! “Honey, did God ask you to go to Bolivia and work with SutiSana?” Yes. “Then He has this.” Taking my 1st trip to Bolivia was wrought with so many challenges; being given high altitude pills that would have caused me to have an allergic reaction, having the Miami airport shut down due to severe thunderstorms that caused me to miss my flight and lose a day of designing, catching a red eye, landing, and getting right to work- READ being up 42 hours.  I was designing our 1st full collection having no idea what was available locally or having met the artisans. What was I thinking?!?!

In hindsight, the task at hand was HUGE. But looking back God had ordered each and every step. All I had to do was follow each directive as it was given, nothing more nothing less. The Fall Collection, Where Modern and Traditional Collide, helped me experience God in a new way. I was far from home, in extreme conditions, totally out of my league and quite unsure of myself. That’s exactly where God wanted me, not relying on what I was capable of doing on my own but what God and I would be capable of doing together IF I fully trusted Him. On that trip, we designed the #1 selling bag in The Marketplace, the Funky Road Trip. Tonight we will be going Live to share our partnership with SutiSana. Hear the stories of how God took designs to change the lives of many women, mine included! We will be going Live tonight at 6:30! Bring your questions, it is going to be interactive!



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