God Increases our Yield

God Increases our Yield

I saw this this other day and it made me think. Do I give based on what I have or do I give based on what I believe God wants me to give? Am I obedient to what God has called me to do based on my resources or am I obedient based on my trust in who He is?

When I quit my job as the Director of Finance to do The Marketplace full-time, I did it based on my obedience to God. Did I have all the resources to make it happen? No, but I had to believe God did. When we felt God wanted us to expand our reach and get a fashion truck, did we have the resources to pay for her? No, but we believed we heard from the Lord and He would provide the finances. Each step that God has directed The Marketplace to take has come at a cost. What was the cost? To put our full faith in God and His promises even when we couldn’t see a solution or the end result.

Our successes are not the end game, our faith is. We serve a God who is the God of abundance. If He is asking you to do something, you need to have the faith in Him to provide, even when you don’t see it. Especially when you don’t see it. What I often tell myself when faced with a big decision is that I can only see so far in front of me but God already knows how it’s going to end. I have to trust Him. Have a great week guys!

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