UPDATE One Woman Campaign

UPDATE One Woman Campaign

When we started our One Woman Campaign in January, I wondered how many people would get behind this idea. I felt if we just shared the story, God would do the rest. He would move on the hearts of His people. The beginning of March a customer came into the store and purchased a gift and wanted to know how she could donate to the One Woman Campaign. I told her she could donate online or write a check. She ran out to her car to get her checkbook. She handed me a check and I had to look at it twice. I was absolutely overwhelmed. She gave me a check for $4,440, the exact amount of rescuing one woman from trafficking, employing her for a year, paying for her child to go to school, and giving them medical and dental benefits. I walked around the counter to give her a hug. As she hugged me, I will never forget what she said, "I believe in what you do and I love The Marketplace. Michelle said you were believing God for rescuing two women so let me take care of one."

I immediately messaged Kay, the Director of Samaritan Creations with the news. She messaged me back that she was crying and thanked us. She wrote, "I am impressed that you keep dreaming big and trusting in Him." I asked if she had a woman in mind. "Yam, the one you wrote about today." I said I thought she was already working for you. I had just posted her story that day on social media. I was captivated by her story and actually had written it a few days earlier but didn't feel I was to post it until that morning. Kay wrote back, "We hired her ‪January 8th‬ because God said to and He would provide the funds. We have been paying her out of our personal finances." A few days later I wired the funds and Kay wrote, "You made many dreams come true today."

We serve a God who is still in the miracle making business. I am amazed at how He orchestrated all of the events that happened at the exact time necessary to make it all happen. I am humbled that He chose to use The Marketplace. We continue to dream big because we know that we are not responsible for the outcome, only the obedience. All He asks of us is to be willing, to make ourselves available, and to step out in faith. Are we done yet? Absolutely not! I am now believing God for at least 3 women! Thank you to all who have Rounded it Up and donated to the One Woman Campaign. You have made dreams come true. If you would like to donate you can write a check to The Marketplace or can click on the link below to donate online. As of the end of March, we have $1,247 towards our 2nd Woman!




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