Are you dreaming of Fall?

Are you dreaming of Fall?

This time every year, I start dreaming of pumpkin spice lattes and all things Fall. I have been busy curating Fall and Christmas products for you. The White Peacock introduced me to a new product, Recycled Sari Knitted Pumpkins. I had not heard of such a thing. I searched the web and my trusty go-to, Pinterest. I could not find anyone making these!


Made by Radha, it takes 5 hours to make 1! She cuts the sari fabric, winds it into a ball, knits the pumpkin, stuffs it with cotton, and then knits the stem. She can make 4 pumpkins out of each piece of sari fabric and makes approximately 4 pumpkins a week.


The beauty of recycled sari knitted products is that the artisan is recycling sari fabrics. As the cost of raw materials continue to rise around the world, they can repurpose what is readily available and keep costs down. Even though they create 4 pumpkins with each sari, each pumpkin is a one of a kind because each part of the sari fabric is different and how it is knitted together is unique. Not only do we have pumpkins, but we also carry recycled sari knitted rugs and trivets. Some of you may be thinking how durable are these rugs? Rachel, the Director of The White Peacock has been washing her rug once a week for the last 7 years and says it still looks great! As you are thinking about Christmas, trivets make a great gift.


But what I truly love is that the ladies creating these products can work from home. This allows mamas to stay with their children and at the same time build a better life for their families. It also allowed them the ability to continue working as the Delta variant raged through India.


Let’s talk pumpkins! Every year we sell out of pumpkins on the day I post them on social media! Many of you have asked in the past for me to create pumpkin bundles. I have created these bundles. What you see pictured are the exact pumpkins you will be getting. I also have some single pumpkins in case you want to add to a bundle. I am offering these pumpkins to you 1st before I roll them out on social media. Once we are sold out of the recycled sari knitted pumpkins, we are sold out!


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