Are You Listening to the Right Voice?

Are You Listening to the Right Voice?

Are you listening to the right voice?

“Marisa, if you leave and go into the community now you will fail. You can’t possibly do everything you want for The Marketplace on your own.” I can assure you I didn’t listen to that voice. Because if I did, The Marketplace wouldn’t be where it is today. From Day 1, I was told how The Marketplace wouldn’t survive, how I didn’t have the funding it needed, how I couldn’t help anyone, ....I could go on and on but I won’t. I listened to the one voice that mattered. The voice that dropped the dream in my heart. The Marketplace will be 8 years old in September. We reached $1,000,000 in sales 4 years in. We don’t have the backing of any organization. We have no debt and are fully sustainable. We have helped to finish a rescue house in Quito Ecuador, rescued 8 women from the Red Light District in Bangkok Thailand, and are working to empower women leaving sex work in Kigali Rwanda. They were right, I would never be able to do all that I wanted to do on my own in The Marketplace. That’s ok because I have you guys doing it with me! 

All this to say, Guys- make sure you are listening to the right voice. The naysers are scared. They don’t know who your God is. If He said do it, do it! Will it be scary? Heck yeah! But it will also be the best adventure of your life. So I am gonna ask you again, are you listening to the right voice? If you need a pep talk- reach out! You got this!


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