Are you weary?

Are you weary?

Are you weary? Have you been knocked down so many times that you are seriously considering staying down?


For many of us, 2022 was a difficult year. Many people were in fear of losing their jobs, small businesses were closing their doors, and inflation made putting food on the table difficult.


It’s easy to feel anxious and depressed if we just focused on what was happening in the world.


The Marketplace had a difficult 2022. We suffered a social media hack in January on Facebook and Instagram. Our sales were down because many of our customers were affected by increased costs of food and gas. Our artisans in Haiti were going through extreme political upheaval. We experienced 1 spiritual attack after another. Honestly, it would have been easier to call it a day and shut our doors.


But I couldn’t do that. I had to grab my Bible and focus on what has God said. I went to 2 Timothy 1 and focused on His promises.


And the special gift of ministry you received- keep ablaze! God doesn’t want us to be shy with his gifts, but bold loving and sensible. 2 Timothy 1: 6-7 (Message)


We can only keep on going by the power of God. We have nothing to do with it. It was his idea. 2 Timothy 1: 9 (Message)


The One I’ve trusted in can take care of what he’s trusted me to do right to the end. 2 Timothy 1:12 (Message)


I focused on this when we lost 8,000 followers on social media. I dug into this when our sales continued to decline. I assured myself of this when Pinterest took our shop down in November only to put it back up in January when they realized it was their error.


When things get tough, we need to lean into what God has said. We can’t “cut and run.” Actually, you can, but then you would miss the God miracles and provisions.


While this is not a typical Marketplace message, it’s an important one. We are a ministry that has built an incredible community, a community of believers who can support and encourage one another. If you are going through a rough time, please reach out. Let me pray for you. You don’t have to tell me any details, just ask me to pray.


I would ask you to pray for The Marketplace that we may experience a revival. I would also ask that you share The Marketplace with your friends and family.


I don’t know what you are going through right now, but I do know this. God has you, just as He has The Marketplace.



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