Basket Wall Made Easy!

Basket Wall Made Easy!

"I need your help! My naked wall above my couch needs some love - seriously considering a basket wall. Would you be able to help me decide which ones would go best?”

Send me a pic of your space. What colors do you love? Are you more neutral or do you love bold colors?

“I do tend to lean more neutral colors, but not necessarily against bolder colors either.”

This is the start of designing a basket wall. I am not gonna lie, I love doing this. Never feel you are bothering me. I. Love. It. I started sending her pictures of some baskets to establish a focal point. Once we figured that out, I put some baskets together. Do you like symmetry or are you more of a cluster girl?

“Typically more symmetrical, but for basket walls, I love the cluster look!”

I created a few looks and sent them to her. She started “to see” the possibilities. I love that part.

“So many choices. I love them all!”

Take the pics and start marking the baskets you absolutely love. She sent me a couple of marked up pics and I got to work. I sent her this pic.

“That is the winner!!"

I invoiced her and then popped them in the mail. This all took place on Saturday morning and I have to tell you I can’t wait for the her to get them. Shhhh don’t tell her but I am gonna watch to see when they are delivered. 👀 I can’t wait for her message because when she opens the box, she is going to be blown away with how beautiful the baskets are. The best part? It’s her custom wall made up of baskets that she loved. Plus each basket has the name of the Azizi Life artisan who made it! This basket wall truly is personal. 


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