Be a Blessing

Be a Blessing

"Marisa, move forward. Don’t retreat. It’s not the season to hide or horde. Did you forget I am the great provider. I bless you, to bless others. As I pour into your hands, let it splash onto others.”

Guys, let us not take this time to stop living but to look ahead to better days. We will absolutely get through this but let’s be better versions of ourselves. Let’s take time to sit before the Lord and reflect on the season that is closing and begin dreaming of the new season.

What does this all mean to The Marketplace. Not only has The Marketplace honored all of our orders that we placed months before, but we are putting in new orders now. What?!? We have to continue moving forward and be a blessing to our groups. We also have to keep up with you guys!! For all who have purchased online, you are responsible for the new orders. These new orders are a life line to our artisans. Thank you to all who have reached out to me. It has meant the world to me. We are in communication with our groups and we are doing everything in our power to flatten the economic curve and to help purchase products so each group can take care of their artisans. Many have asked what can they do. Please purchase. As you think about Easter, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Encouragement, Anniversary, and Father’s Day gifts, please consider us 1st. We can gift wrap and ship for you. Remember we can FaceTime shop together! Let us help you find the perfect gift.


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