Be Intentional

Be Intentional

2 weeks ago I went away for a 24 hour retreat at the Well of Mercy. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time to some but for me just stepping away from the game for 24 hours is huge! Jesus showed up, like He always does. I left refreshed and fully focused. That lasted about a week.  Sometimes I feel like what we do at The Marketplace is go up to a hornet’s nest and hit it with a big stick!  I don’t kid myself, when we walk hand in hand with our ministries, the enemy hates it. When we rescue another woman from trafficking in Bangkok Thailand, I know there will be a huge retaliation. We have recently been bombarded with problem after problem. I am not surprised. So the question I have been asking is how do I keep myself grounded when I am experiencing attack after attack?

At the Well, I would walk the trails by the stream, sit on a swing, and journal. I think for me what I find works is getting away from everything and just sitting with my journal. Being intentional and knowing, I can’t do The Marketplace alone and I need God’s input has been a game changer. God doesn’t want me to shoulder the responsibility on my own. It’s too big. He wants me to bring every incident, no matter how small, to Him and know that He has my back. He will surround me with people who can help. All I have to do is ask.

So here I sit on a swing, in a park, by the lake. I can already feel God’s peace and assurance that everything will be ok. I know this, I must be intentional about unplugging, taking a deep breath, and just sitting with my Father. When things get overwhelming, stop and take a breath. 


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