Be Still

Be Still

Be still


I don’t know about you but being still goes against everything in my being. I once had a counselor tell me I am a “snow globe in full shake!”


What does that even mean?


It took me awhile to finally realize the nature of that comment. I am a fixer, a perpetual list maker, and am in constant motion. If I am not seeing the “results I want,” I do more.


We can all see the problem with this. While it feels great to check things off, the reality of it is that more things are placed on it.


The constant “hamster wheel” mentality of chasing an elusive result does nothing more than burn you out.


As I was unpacking this sign, it was a beautiful reminder that if I give the Lord my first fruits of each day, He will let me know what to focus on and what to let go of.


I have vowed 2023 is not going to be another year of chasing unrealistic and unreasonable algorithms of social media. It will be the year of building deeper relationships with Jesus and our community.


Be still and know that I am God.


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