Be THAT person

Be THAT person

Be THAT person! You know the one. The one who knows the right thing to say at the right time. That encourager in your life. We just got these cards in from #haiti and they are amazing! Made by mamas, these cards can turn someone’s day around.

When my kids went off to college, I made sure I sent cards to them, just because. I never knew how the cards affected them until years later when we went to move them out of their apartments, I saw they still had the card, actually stacks of them.

I love to surprise my husband with a card, in the most unexpected places, just because. When I go into his office, I see the latest card propped up on his desk.

When I know a friend is having a tough time, I love to mail her a card. Does it solve her problem? No, but she knows she is not alone.

Cards are a perfect way to encourage people and let them know that they are on your mind. Now I may be partial, but we truly have some of the best cards. They are hand made, empowering people with jobs, and priced well. All the cards pictured above are only $2.50. You can buy a stack of them and have them ready for any situation. Whether you choose to buy cards from us or not, how about we all try to be that person, the encourager?


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