Beauty Comes From Diversity

Beauty Comes From Diversity

The artisan takes an oil drum, cuts the top off, builds a fire to get rid of the oil and paint, cuts the bottom off, slices it down the side, and now he is ready to create the design.  Recycled Steel Drum Art- Haiti


They go to the dump and find discarded dishes, they wash and sand it, and create beautiful art. Pottery Art- Haiti


He hand carves mahogany into a design and uses sustainably sourced horn and bone to create one of a kind home decor. Horn and Mahogany Art- Haiti 


They draw a design, they hand carve the pattern into wooden blocks, and then she uses those blocks to create beautiful fabric. Block Stamp Art- India


The artisan climbs a hill to cut sisal, hand strips it, dries it, dyes it, and then she weaves it around forest grass. Sisal Basket Art- Rwanda


The Marketplace is a celebration of unique, handmade products from around the world that empowers artisans, so they are able to provide for their family. Representing over 100 ministries from 30 countries, the beauty comes from the diversity of each piece. Each one represents someone’s story.


As we head into this Christmas season, let us help you find the perfect gift. Not only will your person love their meaningful gift, but they will love knowing it has changed someone’s life.


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