Book a Shopping Experience

Book a Shopping Experience

Many of you guys love basket walls but have no idea how to create one.  Did you know we can help you? It was fun to help create this one! Just tell us the size of the space you would like to fill and what colors you like. We can put some options together and send you pics. Better yet, if you are local make an appointment to shop in-store.  Not local to Mooresville, not a problem. Schedule a FaceTime shopping experience.

Have you ever wondered how that necklace would go with those earrings? Feeling overwhelmed with how you are going to get your Christmas shopping done this year? Take a deep breath, hop over to our website, go to shopping experience, and book a shopping experience. Wait, what it’s online? It sure is, YOU can book your OWN appointment.  Want an in-store shopping experience with your girlfriends, book it! You get the webstore all to yourself!  Want to knock out your Christmas shopping while sitting on the couch drinking a cup of our coffee? Do it! What do you get? A shopping experience with me! Hear the stories behind the products, see the products up close and personal, and we will have fun in the process!

What are you waiting for? Go book your experience today!


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