Changing This Little Guy's Story

Changing This Little Guy's Story

This little guy is Hin. He is 4 years old and is the son of Yam, our 1st woman we rescued from trafficking in Bangkok Thailand. Many people think when you rescue a woman out of trafficking that only one life is affected but that is so far from the truth. Their children and the community are also affected. Hin now has a safe environment to live in and you can often find him in the Cafe and Bakery during the day while his mom works baking. They said when he 1st came a year ago, he wouldn’t let his mom out of his sight because he didn’t feel secure in knowing she would come back. Now he is often seen visiting the other women in the jewelry and sewing department. 

He loves the Bible story about Zacchaeus. He came into the jewelry room while we were designing the other day and wanted to know when the new part of the story was coming out!  As I watched him singing and playing this week, I thought how his life truly changed last year when his mom joined Samaritan Creations. Honestly, he is so adorable I just want to snatch him up! For those who have donated to our One Woman Campaign I want to thank you on behalf of Yam and Hin. Thank you for changing this little guy’s story.


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