Close it Behind You

Close it Behind You

Go inside and shut the door behind you and your sons. (2 Kings 4:4)

Have you ever had the “go inside and shut the door behind you” moment with God?  This is the training ground where He puts you through your paces. Where you see how much faith you really have. This is where the rubber meets the road.

The purpose of going inside and shutting the door is not to keep you from running away screaming when God tells you what He needs you to do next.  I believe it’s actually to stop you from listening to the chatter of the crowd, of people telling you why what God said to you to do won’t work. Many times it’s even from people who are your friends. It’s not that they don’t believe in you, many times they are projecting their fears on you. Honestly when getting ready to launch out into God’s next crazy plan for you, you ain’t got time for that. It’s going to take all your energy not to scream and run!

I also believe shutting yourself away from everyone is so you have no support from the outside and you rely totally on God. If God doesn’t show up in your next steps, you are seriously done. I am not gonna lie, these are hard moments. There is no escape hatch. You are committing to going for it. Period. Seriously period. There is no plan b. Many people will question you sanity. You will question your sanity. Just shut the door.

As you sit with God and He shares the next steps, you quickly realize, if you are like me, the cards are stacked against you. Failure seems imminent. Until you realize, who God truly is. It is through the toughest trials that you truly experience Him. You can read the Bible, memorize scripture, and have head knowledge. BUT until you experience God, that knowledge is just that, head knowledge. Experiencing God takes everything up a notch. Once you experience His nature, you will walk to that door and shut it behind you. I love these people that tell me, God doesn’t speak anymore. Seriously? God speaks nonstop, I find people just don’t want to listen. Perhaps they should go to the door, shut it behind them, and wait for instructions.


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