Closeness to God

Closeness to God

Many people have asked me recently how do you know when to do something crazy that God has asked you to do? Early on I learned this and I live by it. God doesn’t need me. Seriously. He doesn’t need me to create The Marketplace. He can use someone else. But He desires for me to create The Marketplace and go on this crazy adventure with Him. Are there risks? Absolutely! Are there sacrifices? Definitely! But the God adventure far surpasses any personal cost. I have enjoyed a latte while looking at the Himalayas. I have been on a sky cable car while dangling 14,000 feet above sea level at night in El Alto Bolivia. I have ridden an elephant in Chiangmai Thailand and enjoyed the beautiful beaches in Haiti, Senegal, Haiti and Thailand. I have met the most incredible people in my life who have challenged my thinking and have changed me. But on the other hand, I have seen the horror of young girls being trafficked and mothers giving up their children. I have worked 6-7 days a week for the past 6 years. I have given up family time and have had my family jump in the trenches and roll up their sleeves to “make it happen!” I have traveled the world and one thing I would never change is this, God being so close to me that He is right there beside me. When I was in a brothel in Bolivia, He was there. When I walked the red light district in Thailand, He was walking beside me. When I wept in the missionary’s office over a 14 year old girl who was trafficked by her father, He was right there rubbing my back. So when asked how do I know when to jump? I just know this, when God says move, I better move! Why? Because I GET to take another adventure with Him and He never disappoints.

He will never show you the end result before you start. At least that is so true with me. Where is the trust in that? “Put your foot in the water Marisa, THEN I will part it.” I want to leave you with a parting thought to ponder. Why do we trust man more than we trust God? Man is going to disappoint you at some point but God never will.


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