Connecting Through Being Vulnerable

Connecting Through Being Vulnerable

1. the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

We have been taught to show vulnerability is a sign of weakness. In the business world, you don’t cry or show someone that they have hurt your feelings. Being vulnerable leaves you in a place where others can hurt or criticize you. It leaves you exposed. 

But the flip side of vulnerability, it allows you to connect with others in a very real way. The other day I watched a Ted Talk on the Power of Vulnerability with Brene Brown. It was powerful. Why? Because it takes courage to be vulnerable. To tell a story with your whole heart requires strength. When I 1st started writing posts for The Marketplace, God and I would battle it out. I would write it, God would be like not raw enough, I would rewrite it, God would again say not raw enough, I would rewrite it again, and finally God would say put it out there. I can’t, it’s too personal. Someone will be offended. Put it out there. Someone needs it today.  I am happy to say I don’t struggle with putting pretty raw posts out there today. Am I going to offend people? Maybe.  But then again what Jesus said often offended people. 

My thoughts on vulnerability have changed over time. To be vulnerable is to be honest. Telling our artisan stories often inspire tears. It is telling stories without a wall built around your heart. Sitting with a small group of people and sharing what I saw when I went into the Red Light District, will require courage and being very vulnerable. There will be tears, no doubt but in that there will be a real connection. For those who missed our earlier post, we will be having a small gathering at my house where I will share my experience of walking the Red Light District in Bangkok Thailand last January. It won’t be censored, it will be raw, and it will be for adults only. If the number of people who want to attend is large, we will have multiple events. For me, the sensitivity of the information requires a safe place where people can ask questions and we can cry together.  If you are interested in attending, shoot me an email at We will be inviting people via email. How you view vulnerability can actually shape how you live your life.


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