Did you know...

Did you know...

Did you know...

if you purchase by 3 pm on a business day, we ship out THAT day. 📦

if you purchase during business hours and do Porch Pickup, you order will be ready within an hour. 

that I write a handwritten note with each order. 

we wrap each order to make it fun to unwrap and to protect what you purchase. We will also gift wrap for free and write a gift note. 

that you can DM me with any questions or message me within our website if you need any help AND I will answer back. 

that we reward you for shopping with us. We have a loyalty program! 

We are CRAZY about customer service. How many times have you ordered from someone, it takes them a week to just ship it, and they don’t communicate that they have sent it?  When you get it, you unbox it and it looks like they just threw it in there. Well, they did. Many times things come broken because they didn’t package it properly? 

We take care of you and treat you the way we want to be treated. We value your business and want you to return time and time again. We are big on building community. Thank you for shopping The Marketplace!


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