Did you know

Did you know

Did you know...

✨ it you want to make sure you get a product but you still want to do a bit of shipping later, you can complete the order and in the notes put “hold.” When you complete the rest of your shopping, put in the notes “send together” and we will combine your orders and ship together. If there is unused shipping, we will refund that to you! Who does that? We do!

✨we gift wrap for free and will write a gift message for you. All you have to do is write “this is a gift” and put your gift message in the notes. I will handle the rest!

✨if you need help finding earrings to match a necklace, bracelets that would look great together, baskets that would make a beautiful basket wall, or which coffee to try next, just ask! I love helping you find EXACTLY what you are looking for!

✨if you DM on social media, email or use the messaging feature on our website, or comment on our posts, you get me! One of my favorite things I get to do is meet you!

✨I am serious about our customer service because I want you to know, you matter. I see you and I am glad you are part of our community!


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