Do you want a one of a kind basket?

Do you want a one of a kind basket?

“Marisa, we have one-of-a-kind baskets. Are you interested?”


Of course, I am interested!


When I was at Azizi Life’s workshop in Rwanda, the artisans quickly realized I loved the intricate and unusual. They loved showing me their new creations. It always ended up with me saying, “Throw that one in my pile!” 


To fully appreciate the artistry of an Azizi basket, you must understand how it is made. I had the opportunity to weave with the ladies in Muhanga Rwanda. My lesson began with a machete and hike up a hill! To create a small basket, I had to hack 2 large sisal leaves, imagine 2 extremely large aloe leaves. From there we stripped the sisal by tying it to a banana trunk and scraping it with a machete to get rid of the excess fiber. Once we had the stripped sisal, it was time to dye it. Once it dried, we were ready to start weaving. We rolled out a reed mat and sat outside leaning against a house. To achieve the beautiful full rows, you weave the sisal thread over forest grass. This is not an easy task. I had no idea as I was weaving that there is a flat side and rounded side of the sisal thread! I missed that part of the lesson. Why is it important? It’s the reason why an Azizi basket is so shiny. Oh wait, I forgot there was a lot of singing and laughing as we were weaving!


The ladies do not use a template to make the baskets. They weave and count! It takes her 2 days to make a small woven basket from start to finish!


I would like to introduce you to our special edition woven baskets that you won’t find anywhere else in the US. These baskets are stunning and the patterns are so intricate! They would make a special Mother’s Day gift!


Whether you buy 1 small woven basket as a catch all or a collection of them in different sizes for an epic basket wall, you can be assured that you will receive a beautiful handmade piece of art.


If you are interested in creating a custom basket wall, I am here to help! Just take a picture of your space and send it to me. I will ask you a few questions and start sending you pictures of different basket wall designs. Tell me which baskets you love and I will create different designs with those baskets and we will not stop until we have designed your perfect wall. There is no cost for this service. I just want you to love your Azizi baskets as much as I do!


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