Each Piece is Essential

Each Piece is Essential

The Marketplace is nothing but a bunch of puzzle pieces that God has been giving me for a number of years. Each experience, each “Yes” is a piece. Each piece is an integral part of the puzzle and you can’t finish the puzzle without it. What I marvel at is how pieces that seem like they have nothing to do with each other are in fact so intertwined. Each experience builds or connects to another. As I get ready to head to Rwanda on Friday, I have calm assurance I will be collecting more pieces. All the pieces that I never had a purpose for will in fact become essential. 

For those of you who are sitting with your own pieces in your life that somehow seem unrelated, know that God has a plan for each one. Be patient AND always be on the look out for the next piece. It may be the one that ties it all together. Have a great week guys!


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