Easter Won't Look the Same This Year

Easter Won't Look the Same This Year

Easter won’t look the same this year. No new Easter dress or going to church service together. No Easter brunch with friends and family around the table. I know many of you are trying to find peace in this new normal and are having a hard time. I am having a hard time too. I am doing fine, then it sneaks up on me, and I am not so fine. It’s ok to take a moment and feel the loss. I heard someone say not everyone processes loss the same way. What we have experienced is loss, a loss of a way of life that we knew.

Easter will look different this year. It will be just me, Lou, and Bubba. It will give me more time to reflect on the world today. It makes having Jesus in my life so much richer and truly puts Him front and center.

Tomorrow I plan on making sure the people in my life know that I am thinking of them. I am going to text, call, email, and message those in my life. Due to social distancing, some may be in their house alone. Easter will look different this year but one thing remains, the power of sin is no more. Perhaps it’s time to create a new tradition, one that isn’t about everyone gathering together but you gathering with the One. Be safe today and take a moment to truly reflect on your relationship with Jesus.


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