Education is Empowerment

Education is Empowerment

Education is empowerment. When you can read and write, you are able to handle business transactions, get a better job, and even help your kids in school. Yesterday I got an opportunity to sit in a literacy class at DuHope in Rwanda. I am such an advocate for education, especially women. In 3rd world countries, girls are often denied schooling. This results in unskilled jobs, low self esteem which often leads to being/staying in abusive relationships. I watched as these ladies practiced writing. Many have a grade level 1/2 education but that’s about to change. Why? Education is a game changer. When she can read and write, she can get a better job, her self worth increases, she is able to help her kids at school, and stress the importance of them getting an education. Not only does she learn to read and write but they also have a program on numeracy and budgeting. Suddenly she has hope and her future has potential. Now THAT makes my heart so happy! 

Know that when you buy a DuHope product, you are not only getting a beautiful piece of jewelry or a journal- you are investing in her. Each piece you buy has her signature on it. Many of our customers have told me how they love to open their kitenge journal and see her signature inside each time they use it. It’s a big deal for her to be able to sign her name. BTW along with a workbook, they get one of their journals to write in. How was my day yesterday? Perfect!


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