Eternal Consequences

Eternal Consequences

Last January while sitting in the DuHope workshop in Rwanda, I wrestled with my comfort level and what I am capable of accomplishing on my own. I didn’t want to start another project. I was already stretched to the max. How could I possibly add something else to my schedule? Before I could stop myself, I said, “Let us create a project to help you.” What?!?! Nooooooo! I remember calling Lou as I was heading to another workshop and telling him we are starting another 1 year project. He said, “Are you sure? Is this God?” He knows how I get when I take on a new God assignment. I get really focused. Oh, it’s God alright. The Empowerment Project was born.

Fast forward 7 months, I receive a phone call from a customer. “My husband and I would like to donate $1200 to the Empowerment Project. My husband works for Bank of America and they are going to match it. So in 2 weeks you will receive a check from us and 2 weeks later a check from Bank of America.”  $2400 will make a huge impact in the lives of the ladies in Rwanda! It has eternal impact.

In January, I could have just sat there and kept my mouth shut. But if I had, lives wouldn’t change. Sure I could be comfortable or I could get out of the boat and walk on the water with Jesus! God assignments are not comfortable. I am not gonna lie and say it is. It will stretch you and drop you to your knees. But that is when God does His best work, when you don’t rely on your own strength but His. God has raised over $17,000 for the Empowerment Project in the middle of a pandemic. Nothing is too big for Him. What is He asking you to do but you have been dragging your feet? You do realize by you wanting to play it safe and be comfortable, you are affecting someone’s eternity. You see God assignments are not just for you, they are really more for others. You not accepting the assignment, affects someone else. No pressure here, but can you live with that?


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