Evolve or Repeat

Evolve or Repeat

Wait listed ...yet again. Many of you ask why we don’t do certain shows, it’s not for the lack of trying. We just can’t seem to get in for whatever reason. God has us going through a season of evolution. EVERYTHING is changing ALL at once. That is just life in The Marketplace. 

I am not going to lie the pressure is intense. You see we are the biggest purchasers for many of our groups. If we don’t sell, we can’t make more purchases. This in turn affects our ministries and their ability to pay their artisans. It is a trickle down effect. So I can sit here and be discouraged or I can say, “PIVOT!!” 

As I was journaling about it, I saw a pattern. When I get comfortable with something, He takes it away. Why? Because I start to rely more on me than on Him. Faith requires looking at an impossible situation and knowing God has a plan. It’s waiting with expectation that He has this. But also knowing, it won’t look the way I think it should. My background is in financial analysis and observing trends. What has been the trend lately? Sharing The Marketplace in a more intimate way. We have had women bring their small groups to the webstore to hear stories and to have a private shopping experience. We have hosted small events where we sit around my dining room table and tell stories and answer questions in a safe environment. I love how many of you are really curious and want to know how you can be more involved. The trend truly has been highlighting why we are not a store. If you think we are just a store, you only know about 20% of what we do and who we are.

So a lot of you ask, how can we be more involved? You can host a Marketplace experience at the webstore. Bring your Bible study ladies, your book club, your neighbors, or your best girlfriends. We can have it here at the webstore or we can bring The Rolling Shack to you! If you are not local, share our story with your friends. We could even SKYPE a Marketplace event. Know of an event that we would be a perfect fit? Let us know! For me, I feel we are having our teddy bear moment. God is asking for the little teddy bear I have a death grip on so He can give me a bigger teddy bear. So who is ready to let go of the little teddy bear for more of what God has to offer?!?


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