Follow your Passion

Follow your Passion

I went to Well of Mercy last week to process what I felt was a change in season. My counselor said to me, “Just follow your passion. Follow your joy.” I just looked at her.  “What no longer brings you joy, that once did? What makes you come alive?” Armed with my journal and these loaded questions, I walked by the stream and parked myself on a bench on a bridge and looked at the rushing water. Sometimes we need to take moments in our lives to reassess what is working and what is no longer working. 

Sitting with my questions and my journal helps me take stock of my effectiveness in my personal and professional life. Kinda interesting that we schedule check ups for our body, our teeth, and our eyes, but not where we are on our walk with the Lord. For me, sitting with God in the woods in the quiet helps me ground myself. I quit listening to the world tell me who Marisa is and I focus on who God says I am. I left a few hours later feeling confident that God loves me and this is a journey and not a race. I reestablished what I was passionate about and where my joy lies. 

Take some time in the coming weeks to get a check up with God. Maybe you just need Him to remind you who you are.


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