Get on Board with the Latest Trend

Get on Board with the Latest Trend

Everyone loves charcuterie boards. What’s not to love? It’s finger food designed for grazing. Who doesn’t love to graze? How many times have you wanted to create a charcuterie board only to suffer from overwhelm? You go to Pinterest, see these crazy charcuterie creations that go on for days, decide there is no way you could ever do that, click out, and forget the whole idea.

Charcuterie: Ingredients Versus Experience

Let me take the pressure off creating a charcuterie board. I don’t want you to focus on the components on your board, I want you to think about who will be gathering around it. For me, a great charcuterie isn’t about what you are eating but more about the experience you are creating. Once you change your focus, creating a charcuterie becomes fun. As this shift occurs, you begin thinking about what you would like to put on your board. Focus on the experience.


Movie night charcuterie board


Different Charcuterie Ideas: Take Your Ordinary and Make Them Special

Imagine as the weather starts to get warmer, wouldn’t you love to enjoy a savory board on the deck with your friends? You can take your ordinary Friday family movie night to the next level by creating an epic movie night board with everyone’s favorite candy and popcorn. It’s the perfect activity for your kids to plan with you. How about creating a Date Night Board? Choose all the things your love enjoys and create a board just for them! I promise you, they will feel so loved that you took the time to create something that is so perfect for them. Why not do this for one of your kids? Create a special memory with each of your kids by creating a board of their favorites, a candy board would be perfect!  Once you take the focus off it needing to look perfect, it becomes a fun adventure that is only limited by your imagination.


Find the Perfect Board

The 1st component of a great charcuterie is finding the perfect board. My recommendation is to start small but have it be buildable. What do I mean by that? We have boards from Haiti made from mahogany and accented with either bone or horn. If you start with a small board, you can always get another coordinating board once you feel confident in creating them!

Our boards are all handmade and are beautiful. Remember one of the keys to a great charcuterie is presentation, we eat 1st with our eyes. When you add ingredients to our board, it will look stunning. Handmade out of mahogany with proper care, your board will last for years. How do you take care of it? Handwash it with warm water and a mild dishwashing soap and dry immediately.

But let me tell you why our boards are extra special. Each board empowers an artisan with a dignified job. When everyone ohhs and ahhs over your board, you can also share the story of how by purchasing this board you were able to help a mom and dad in Haiti be able to provide for their family.

We also have beautiful coordinating accessories that can complete the look; cheese knives, horn catch alls, nut bowls, small bowls, and spoons. Let us take the guess work about what will go well together.

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Charcuterie board bundle


Create a Go-To Ingredient List

Now that you have your board, create a go-to ingredient list that creates a great board and make sure you always have these items on hand. Nothing is better than having an impromptu charcuterie night. Have your favorite cheese, olives, crackers, dried fruit, and nuts available. Imagine seeing your neighbors outside and just telling them to come over and hang out on your deck and then you throw a board together! They will be highly impressed. If you keep your key ingredients on hand, you are always ready to create a board! I have one customer who plans a board every Friday night during the Spring and Summer, then invites a different group of friends each time. She says it’s a low-key way to entertain and everyone loves it! It’s a casual way to stay connected.


Charcuterie Gift Ideas

Are you always struggling for gift ideas for your friends and family? As you host your charcuterie events, keep in mind who loves coming. When it’s time to give them a Christmas gift, give them a board. When their birthday comes around, build on their board! You can purchase a cheese knife, catch all, or nut bowl. This is a gift idea that is buildable, you can add to it at every gift giving opportunity. Who knows, they may host a charcuterie night and invite you!

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Charcuterie Boards Connect People

Charcuteries boards are a fun way to connect with people. The last 2 years have taught many of us how important creating memories with friends and family have become. I promise you they won’t remember what was on the board as much as they will remember how much fun they had.

Let’s take the overwhelm away from creating a charcuterie board and focus on creating special memories.



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