Give God No Contraints

Give God No Contraints

How many times have you felt you heard from God and you step forward to do it only to trip yourself up?  I put my own spin on it. I have already seen how this should look and I go about trying to make it fit what “I” think it should look like. What normally happens? I get stressed out and wear myself out!

As I am laying on the ground lamenting to the Lord how I failed, there is silence. God is waiting for me to release my death grip on “my” ideals. “It’s not supposed to look like that.” 

Once I make peace with that, I hop back to it. I am now able to enjoy the journey and watch how God unfolds each piece step by step.

When we seek what God has for our lives, we have to give him free rein. Scary? Absolutely, but I can tell you 9 times out of 10 it will far exceed your wildest dreams! How do I make peace with giving control over? God loves The Marketplace far more than I ever could. He wants it to succeed more than me. I can only see the finite in each situation. He sees the beginning and the end.

If you truly want to see the impossible, you have to release control to Him.


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