Go back the way you came

Go back the way you came

Go back the way you came. 1 Kings 19:15

Let me set the tone of the story. Elijah just had this epic win in his life. He should be riding high, right? Wrong, he is now running for his life. He is done. Just done. So he goes into the desert and sleeps. An angel wakes him up tells him to eat and drink. He goes back to sleep. This happens twice. He gets up and goes to the Mountain of God. Once he gets there, God says, “What are you doing here?” God tells him, “Go back the way you came...” Wait, no...I am done.

I don’t know about you but I have had many of these moments, great wins for God but I am now burnt toast. The human tendency is to quit. I laugh at the number of times I have quit The Marketplace in my head! People watch us on social media and think it’s all happy times but what they don’t see is all the hard work and spiritual attacks. How do I stay in the game? I go back to 1 Kings 19:15. “Marisa, I am gonna need you to go back the way you came.” What does that even mean? It means to take a rest, regroup, refocus, and then start again. I used to not allow myself to take a rest. I would just keep pushing. I was heading for severe burn out. I realized that was not what God wanted for me. He wanted me to enjoy the journey. Will there be high stress time? Absolutely! But once the grind has passed, you need to rest...or you are gonna quit. Take a moment today, go to the Mountain of God and just rest there.


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