God Assignments

God Assignments

“It is gestures like yours that compel me to keep on trying...to connect with youth who are neglected, abused, or hurting. God bless you always.”

We received a 3 page hand written letter from a customer. I remember her well. She is a librarian who helps troubled youth. There was a young lady named Ashley she was helping and I just felt God wanted us to get involved. We gave her a 2nd Story Goods Necklace that said Loved to give to Ashley. She did and then wrote us this letter. Ashley loved the necklace. Our customer wrote that she was experiencing all kinds of backlash from trying to help this young lady and asked for prayer. 

I was reflecting on this letter today. We all have God assignments, assignments God has created just for you to do. This customer’s assignment is to help troubled youth. Is it a coincidence that she is a librarian? No, many troubled kids escape through climbing into a book and being a part of another story. You are where you are supposed to be for your assignment for this season in your life. Many of you are shaking your head and saying, “This is not where I am supposed to be.” It may not be where you think you are supposed to be but it is where He needs you to be right now. Stop. Look around and make an impact. You might be surprised at what you have been missing.


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