God chooses people based on their willingness

God chooses people based on their willingness

I was sitting quietly with the Lord asking Him, “What would you like me to tell the ladies?” Tomorrow I am leading a break out session at Lenoir Rhyne University. I get the opportunity to share which is not something I take lightly. God impressed upon my heart something so simple. “Just say ‘Yes!’” You see one simple “Yes” changed the course of my life and the course of many lives around the world. One “Yes” led to another “Yes” which led to another “Yes”...

I think people over complicate God. We want to know what He is doing in our lives at all times. We want the itinerary, the written game plan. Perhaps if we just answered with the “Yes” and went along on the journey of obedience we would enjoy the ride more. You see, many of us feel responsible for the outcome. But honestly God just wants your obedience and for that I am thankful. The end result is not my worry. The Marketplace is the product of my “Yes” and honestly it’s more than I ever dreamed possible. So when we get caught up in the “where is this going mentality,”  we need to take a deep breath and rephrase that. God, I am excited to see where this is going!  All God wants is your willingness.


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