God, I just don't understand

God, I just don't understand

"God, I just don’t understand.” Marisa, the seed has been planted. You have done your part, now it’s time to move to your next assignment.

I received word the other day that Samaritan Creations is restructuring their entire program and that the RESTORE Project has been put on hold. You would think I could take this information and move on but I can’t. It grieves my heart. When women are rescued from trafficking that is just the beginning of the work. Moving through the trauma and working towards healing is a personal journey, her journey with God. We give her tools to help her along the way but ultimately she has to take this journey alone. When we rescued 8 women, God was very clear- I need you to journey with them. When I was in Bangkok Thailand last January, He birthed the RESTORE Project. The reality of the situation is that when a woman is rescued from trafficking , it is not a one time event. Many will go back to that lifestyle many times before she makes the final break and walks away for good. Unfortunately some will never make it out. I sat with these ladies in their workshop and designed a collection with them. We worked side by side. I listened to their story and heard their brokenness. It became very personal to me.

Marisa, instead of focusing on the women who made a choice to go back, perhaps you should focus on the ones who have made it out. As I sat journaling, the parable of the lost sheep takes on a new meaning. The Shepard leaves the 99 to go after the 1. What many of you wouldn’t know is that is the reason I started our nonprofit. It was based on that parable, that the 1 mattered. I am thankful for the ones who continue to thrive and I pray for the ones who are lost. I won’t forget them. Thank you to all who have donated to the RESTORE Project...the seed has been planted.

When God ends one chapter, He starts another. Stay tuned to hear our next God assignment. Our work is not done...it’s only beginning.


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