God is about to turn your private prayers into public miracles!

God is about to turn your private prayers into public miracles!

Walking away from the Southern Christmas Show was a hard decision to make. Yes folks after 6 years of doing the “11 days of crazy,” it was time to move on. I make that sound like it was an easy decision. It wasn’t. That show helps so many artisans because we have to buy a ton of product! But with doing that show, it required a lot of man power to cover the show and the store at the busiest time of year! Plus there is the missed opportunity of not being able to do other shows. I felt God say step away. Did I have anything to fill this spot?  No. But I had to trust. At the end of June, I sat and looked at an empty calendar. Those 11 days in November were mocking me. I thought how will I order this year without this big show? This is going to affect our artisans. You see The Marketplace is the biggest purchasers of many of our ministries. This was going to affect their bottom line. Oh the pressure!!  Then all of it changed! God opened a door that I had been praying for for quite some time. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TIME!! The Marketplace is partnering with Ballantyne Corporate Park. This is a business community that has 325 corporations and 17,000 employees on their campus! We will be bringing The Rolling Shack to 2 different locations on their campus EVERY WEEK for 1 year!!!

When we made the decision to step away from the Southern Christmas Show, we had nothing to take its place. What I know is this, I can only see the present but God can see the end and I have to trust Him. Had I not let go of the 11 days, I would not have been able to step into this amazing opportunity. I had to trust when I had no idea. So what did I do after I signed the contract? I contacted a lot of our artisans and said get ready it’s about to get wild!!

Here is the best part of the story, when I looked at an empty calendar at the beginning of the year, I wrote a crazy number for the number of Rolling Shack shows I wanted to do this year. I wrote 50!  I had only 16 shows by the end of June. I walked to my calendar and crossed out 50. After I signed the contract, I walked to my calendar and figured out how many shows I would have on the schedule before I filled it up with other shows. The number? 59 and I am not done scheduling yet!!  God took my crazy number and made it a reality!! So what’s my deal with the 50 truck shows? Our job is not only to raise awareness but it is to sell a ton of product. Increase sales mean more lives being changed! It’s really that simple. So I am issuing a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT- product is going to move fast. If you see it and love it- buy it because it will probably be gone soon!  We start our Ballantyne schedule August 2nd!


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