Goodness of God

Goodness of God

I was reflecting this morning on the goodness of God and His love for The Marketplace. We had a record breaking sales for July and $744 in One Woman Donations. 2 days ago we received another $1,100 donation check for the ladies!  A customer came in with watermelon and a bag of chicken feed for Nugget . “When you run out of feed, just message me and I will get her more.” We had customer after customer bring In their family from out of town to “show them our favorite place to shop!” We received so much love from Ballantyne Corporate Park. Our hearts are overflowing!! 

As we are making our orders for Fall, our artisans are cheering. Increased sales equal increased purchasing. Increased purchasing equals increased employment opportunities. On behalf of the staff and all of our artisans, thank you so much for sharing our story with all of your friends and families....and anyone else who would listen!  You Guys are a pretty persistent bunch!! If you guys want to hand out Store cards- I know some of you already do- just pick up a few when you are in next!


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