Grain Must be Ground to Make Bread

Grain Must be Ground to Make Bread

“So here is where you need to put your truck.” How do we get her up there? “Right here.” No, really. “Here. I am leaving. I can’t watch.” WHAT?!?! You are leaving us?!?!? Folks, see where I am standing on this little bridge on the Lenoir Rhyne Campus. Do you believe The Rolling Shack can fit?  Whenever we do a show we never know what we are going to get! We had to jump a curb, back up and straighten up 3 times before we attempted this. People- we had only 3 inches on each side of the wall.  I literally walked by the side of the truck on the wall holding onto the side mirror making sure my side did not get too close to the wall. I am not kidding. We parked and set up. We were there for 2 hours and had not seen our 1st customer. The wind picks up and snaps the arm on our awning on the back. WOW- my spirit is crushed and our awning is broken. I want to quit. But we don’t. I am speaking that night at their event. As I am walking to the auditorium, I hear God say, “Tell them that The Marketplace is a dream I gave you. On your own it is impossible. With Me, all is possible.” After I am done and am leaving, a few people chase me down for my contact info. 

The next day we head back and yes folks- we have to go back over the bridge. Once we set up, all the ladies come and they were excited to support! We had the best time getting to know them. We received so much encouragement and made so many new friends. 

As we were driving home, I thought of a verse that God has been speaking to me. Grain must be ground to make bread. Isaiah 28:28. Doing what God has called you to do is not easy. It won’t be comfortable and it will test your resolve to an inch of yourself. Whatever God is calling you to do, you need to trust Him. He will refine you i.e. ground you to make you worthy of your assignment. Let Him because the adventure is so sweet.


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