Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to Us!

The Marketplace is 6 years old!! What a wild and crazy adventure it has been!! We launched a store into the community! We purchased a fashion truck because God wanted us to “take it to the people!” We opened a 2nd location within Annie Kay’s in Blacksburg Virginia. We have a new and improved web store, now truly expanding our reach across the country.

We have travelled the world and sat with our artisans in Kenya, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Haiti, Bolivia, and Ecuador. We have walked through brothels and a leprosy colony. Artisans have proudly shared their craft with us and a few have tried to teach me how to do what they do!

We have done hundreds of shows. We have met the most amazing customers, shared stories, laughed, and cried together. Some of my most dearest friends started off as customers. In July 2017, we reached $1,000,000 in sales!

We have helped build a workshop in Haiti, a rescue house in Ecuador, and rescued 4 women from trafficking in Thailand! How many lives has The Marketplace affected? Honestly, I don’t have a figure but I think it would total in the hundreds. Thank you for believing in the vision and jumping in the trenches with us! Thank you for changing lives with us around the world!! Quite frankly, we are only getting started!! 


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