He Will Do This

He Will Do This

He will do this. Psalm 37:5

In my devotion this morning, Psalm 37:5 was highlighted. So I grabbed my bible and turned to the verse. Commit your way to the Lord. ✔️ Trust in Him. ✔️He will do this. What? He will do this.  Do you notice I don’t have it highlighted or underlined. Did I even read it?!? Seems like an important part of that verse. As I looked at that verse I realized I was about to be schooled.

One of the hardest things about that verse is trusting in Him. Because trusting means waiting and I don’t know about you, waiting is hard. It feels like you are doing nothing. How many of us just want to take matters into our own hands?!? The next line in devotion stops me dead in my tracks. “Yet God taught me a better way and showed me that self-effort always hinders his work.” Notice the word always. The closer I get to God the better I get at waiting. But let me assure, I have not arrived in the mastering of the waiting game. When I have a situation that is just too big for me, I pray about it, and then I wait. I am figuring at some point God is going to give me clear direction when He is ready. That has not always been the case. I use the visual of me with a crow bar going to a closed door and examining it carefully. What am I looking for? A bit of light to shine through so I know where I can wedge my crow bar. Experience of prying too many doors open that were not mine has taught me, see a closed door, stand before it, and if it doesn’t open, move on.

The devotion gives a great visual. Imagine a drowning person, they are flailing about. It’s hard to rescue them and it’s equally difficult for the Lord to fight our battles when we insist that we know better what the outcome should be.  Learning to trust God takes time. And through experiencing God in the difficult seasons of life, I realize He is trustworthy. He is going to do what He says. Period. Perhaps if I would have fully read Psalm 37:5 the 1st time I might have saved myself some headaches and not worn myself out.  I certainly can’t change the past but I change how I move forward. Take some time today and ponder this little nugget of truth. He will do this. Gosh it kinda takes the pressure off of you.


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