How designs become a reality

How designs become a reality

This design idea started back in March. I wanted a beautiful Christmas display that you couldn’t get anywhere. It had to be unique, handmade, and empowering.

I approached Atelier Calla in Haiti to make Christmas Trees made out of horn and mahogany in 3 different sizes. All of our designs are collaborations. I may give the initial design idea but I also like to give them the opportunity to be creative.

They sent me pics of the prototype and I made a couple of tweaks. They then created new prototypes and I gave the final approval.

When I received the shipment and held it in my hands, I marveled at the artistry of it all. These trees were beautifully crafted through Covid, a presidential assassination , an earthquake, and a tropical storm. You see, they are creating products in less than ideal situations. Yet, their artistry is simply amazing. After I held it in my hands and just took it all in, I immediately contacted Christelle the Director. “The trees are gorgeous. Please tell the artisans I love them and appreciate all their hard work.”

If you are looking for a meaningful Christmas piece to add to your decor or to give as a gift, you need to look at these Horn and Mahogany Trees. We have limited quantities available.


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