In our waiting...God is working

In our waiting...God is working

The process was slow and at times the wait was long. The Marketplace didn’t just happen. It was years of studying sustainable models, reading countless books on business as missions, and learning about different cultures. We didn’t open our doors for 4 years while all this was happening. But in the wait...God was working. He was working on me, the concept, and the people in our community. 

We live in a culture that wants it now and fast! We want to handle situations efficiently and “only touch it once.” But that’s not how God works. In the wait many things happen. Anger dissipates, attitudes change, and hearts soften. 

During the wait of The Marketplace, I have learned waiting is good and necessary. It is essential in all aspects of my life. But we hate waiting. I have watched relationships blow up because neither side would take a breath. God taught me a valuable lesson on waiting when I managed a large team. I could choose to be right and destroy the morale of the team or I could choose to be Christ like and find a way for all of us to be a team again. You see, I believe the wait is more about us than God. His work is usually not in the situation but more in us. I have often said the 4+ years of waiting for The Marketplace to happen was so God could hone me. The younger me would have destroyed The Marketplace because I didn’t understand the art of waiting. Yes, waiting is an art. It can’t be rushed. But the end result is beautiful. So before you run into a situation guns a blazing, take a moment to take a breath and wait. Perhaps God wants to handle it in a different way? Or maybe He just needs to work on you.


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