It is Finished!

It is Finished!

Wow- closing the Oak Street about did me in!  While we were wrapping the jewelry racks, a mother and daughter group came in. The mom lives up north and loves to visit The Marketplace when she visits her daughter. She started shopping through the wrap. Me: what are you looking for? She described our golden grass collection so I found those for her. Me: anything else? Mom: do you have more bracelets?  What a loaded question!! Me: Wanna see the truck? Mom: yes!! Off we went to #therollingshack! Those who know me know- I never miss a sale!  Before TMP, I used to carry product in the truck of my car!!! Now THAT’S another story for another day! The mom left happy with 8 bracelets!

Let’s do a recap! Renovated #therollingshack. Emptied the Oak Street location. Up next the webstore is getting her personality and a large increase in her product mix. Finally, our Annie Kay's location is getting a new upfit! 👊🏽 While all this is going on, we are getting new shipments from Haiti, Guatemala, India, Kenya, and Thailand! Stay tuned next week to see if Marisa stays sane AND for a video sneak peak of our webstore.


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