It is Finished!

It is Finished!

Last July during my devotion time, God was pretty clear, “Sell the house.” Lou and I put the house on the market about a week later and it sold in 2 hours!


Where are we going to live? This was the 1st time in moving that we were not bound to a certain location due to school districts or the store front. We expanded our house search and even considered moving to South Carolina!  But we kept coming back to one fact, the Lake Norman area has been our community for 26 years!


In 4 weeks, we found a house to build that would allow us to downsize, still be in the Lake Norman area, and have a special place for The Marketplace. We then found a rental home that we could live in and that could house The Marketplace in the interim 6 months.


To say this process has been a faith walk, would be an understatement. We signed a contract to sell our house with nowhere to go in a tumultuous housing market! Let’s not forget we were in what some believe to be the beginning of a recession. The rational person would have sat tight and not sold their house! But when you follow God sometimes things just don’t make sense.


One of our customers who lives out of state came to visit after we signed our contract to build, and she prayed over our land. I love what she said as we were walking back to the car. “God is going to change the world from that spot in Mooresville, North Carolina. How cool is that?”


It’s finally finished! We closed on our house February 10th. Within 2 hours of closing, we were working on The Marketplace space! I have built The Marketplace in so many locations; in 2 locations in the church, at the Oak Street Mill, on our fashion truck The Rolling Shack, and countless times at shows. This is by far is my favorite Marketplace. We took the best designs from all our locations and put them in one spot! We would like you to come celebrate the new Marketplace location with us. We will be hosting an Open House Saturday March 4th from 10-4. This truly is a house that God built! If you would like to come, please email me for more details!



Thank you for following our crazy “Where is The Marketplace moving now?” I wanted to take the opportunity to thank each of you who have sent us emails, put sweet notes in your orders, direct messaged us on Instagram, called, and texted us. Your encouragement and love have meant the world to us. I have said this so many times, we don’t have customers, we have a community. Thank you for being a part of The Marketplace community.




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