It Never Looks the Way You Think it Should

It Never Looks the Way You Think it Should

You put in time. No results. You put in money. No results. You put in blood, sweat, and tears. No results. You invest your time and energy in others. No results.

Or so it would seem. God doesn’t measure “results” the same way we do. My husband and my friends hounded me to start a nonprofit for years before we eventually started one. They felt I would honor God’s vision with integrity. I, on the other hand, felt I wasn’t equipped to successfully lead a ministry. In my mind, I already had what I thought the results should look like. I kept telling everyone I wouldn’t do it.

One morning during my prayer time, God brought scripture to life for me. Now you will see what I will do...Exodus 6:1 So against my better judgement, we started out nonprofit The Bottom Rung April 2011. Again, I thought I knew what the results would look like. July 2012, my Senior Pastor asked me to “create the vision that God gave me” at the church and The Marketplace was born. I wondered why did we start The Bottom Rung when we now had The Marketplace? The results didn’t look like what I thought they should. February 2014 I took a trip around the world, 26,000 miles in 23 days. When I got to Cambodia, God said it’s time. Time for what? It was time to take it back to the beginning. Wait a minute Lord, it doesn’t look the way it’s supposed to look. Don’t you love when we tell God how it’s supposed to look? We stepped out in faith and put The Marketplace under the umbrella of The Bottom Rung and went solo in less than 60 days!  Read: we had no support of an organization.  We were on our own with a signed 2 year lease.

What is the moral of the story? It rarely looks the way we see it because our view is so limited. God’s view is limitless. All the results of The Marketplace are because of God. We had to start our nonprofit The Bottom Rung in order to realize the entire vision of The Marketplace. Someone needs to hear this today. When you are doing what God has called you to do and you are not seeing results, perhaps you need to step back and look at it from God’s perspective. Your view and His view may be totally different. 


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