It Pays to be Loyal

It Pays to be Loyal

Many people don’t realize this but we are not supported by any organization. We are a grass roots operation. Why is that important? We are directed by God. We are able to be fluid and move quickly when He gives us our marching orders. Many people don’t understand the decisions we make and quite frankly, sometimes I don’t either. But I am thankful that God is in control of The Marketplace. So many organizations go out of business in the 1st 2 years and many will not see Year 5. We are in Year 7 and are thriving. Not only do we listen to God, we have an incredible group of people who believe in the vision AND support it! Who are they? You guys!! The Marketplace could not exist without YOU! You tell our stories, you are committed to seeing lives changed, and you pray for us. The Marketplace is a team effort. For that we are so grateful!!

We rolled out our Loyalty Program a month ago in Beta test to work out the kinks. Now we are doing a Phase 1 roll out!! This Loyalty Program exists because you guys rock! We don’t do sales because I believe our products are fairly priced but we want to honor your commitment to The Marketplace vision. When you spend $50-$99 online, you will receive an email with a $5 store credit to be used on a future purchase. If you spend $100-$149, you will receive a $10 store credit. If you spend $150-$199, you receive a $15 store credit. If you spend $200+, you receive a $20 store credit. There is no expiration date on the store credit but you can only use 1 store credit per purchase. Currently this program is only available for online sales. Our goal is to eventually roll out this program to all purchases including The Rolling Shack. If you purchase online and do Porch Pickup or TRS Pickup, you will receive a store credit email.

THANK YOU for believing in us. THANK YOU for loving us so much. We want to thank you in return. Welcome to our Loyalty Program! If you ever have any questions, you can message us on social media or you can email me at There are no layers in our organization, you will always get me! Now do your Christmas shopping and get a reward! 


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