It's a Wrap!

It's a Wrap!

Delay after delay, we finally rolled into Charlotte at 1 am after 32 hours of travel. What an adventure it has been! I was able to meet the women our community helped rescue from trafficking and see how lives can be changed when we invest and empower her. I saw 1st hand the dark side of the Red Light District and am better able to understand how trafficking is modern day slavery. I visited the bead markets in China Town and other local markets and helped them create a new Fresh Water Collection and had some fun with tassels and beads!  While designing is a lot of fun, the beautiful product is never my end result. What I love is when I get to step into the lives of our artisans and celebrate how far they have come! While there, our community reached Woman #8 on our One Woman Campaign and we also received funds to purchase new equipment to take their jewelry to the next level while helping to invest in an artisan as she spreads her wings and steps out in her dream of owning her own new business. 

I was able to see the beauty of Thailand from the mountains of Chiangmai to the beaches of Koh Semet Island. I also experienced the dark side of her as I walked Soi Cowboy and met ladies who were trapped in trafficking. What I truly learned is rescuing a woman from trafficking is a journey and never an easy one. This trip further solidified the partnership between The Marketplace and Samartian Creations. I got to see 1st hand how relationships are formed in the Red Light District and how hard Mike and Kay work to lead this amazing ministry. This trip will take many months to unpack and I have to say this was a life changing experience for me. Thanks for tagging along.  I will be announcing our new collections and our next step in the One Woman Campaign in the coming weeks. For right now, I am severely jet lagged!! It’s time to get some sleep! Folks, Thailand 2019 is a wrap!


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