Last Day at the Oak Street

Last Day at the Oak Street

Wow today is the last day that the Oak Street location will be open. Lots of emotions happening right now. So many wonderful memories and milestones. I remember when we opened our doors many thought we wouldn’t last. That was over 5 years ago. We hit a crazy milestone of reaching $1,000,000 in sales here. We have helped build a rescue house in Ecuador and rescued 8 women from trafficking in Bangkok Thailand. We also designed the number 1 selling bag in The Marketplace, The Funky Road Trip. We added The Rolling Shack to the mix as well as having a store in Annie Kays in Blacksburg Virginia. We a 270% increase in online sales in 2018! Wow- what a crazy ride!

Do you know why The Marketplace works? We have been obedient to what God has called us to do. It’s not the Marisa show, The Marketplace is the God show. We have stayed true to who God has called us to be. When some said we should take the cross down, we said no. We have jumped in the trenches with our artisans, visited workshops, and created designs in Kenya, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Haiti, Bolivia, and Ecuador. We have linked arms with our customers and have become a part of your family traditions. We have celebrated and cried with you guys. We have built honest community.

While I know this is the next step in the growth of The Marketplace, it’s not gonna be without the shedding of some tears today. We are about to take a leap but what I know is this- God has been faithful, always. I have to be honest, I wait in anticipation to see all that He is going to do. Know that we have appreciated all who have walked through the doors at the Oak Street Mill. We couldn’t be where we are today without each of your love, support, and prayers. Thank you!! So, who is ready to step into the next season with us? I hear it is going to be crazier than that last! 


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