Live Fearlessly

Live Fearlessly

Last Monday I got the call no woman ever wants. “Marisa, your mammogram was suspect. We need to see you back to do further scans to determine the course of action we must take.”  I made my appointment, contacted my prayer partners,  and had to endure 1 stressful week of “what if’s.”

I don’t do well with things that are beyond my control. All I could do was wait. God and I had many conversations and by the time I marched into the doctor’s office, I had peace that whatever the result was, that God was with me. But in that week of waiting, I took stock of my life. I had things on my list that I wanted to do “in a few years.” I realized I had so many unrealized dreams that might not happen because I am not guaranteed more than today. I made a decision that I would live fearlessly whatever amount of time I had.

My story ended better than most. I received a “clean bill of health” and an opportunity to truly live each day to the fullest. Many of us put off dreams and God adventures because we are too busy or we are afraid to take a risk. Each of us will leave this earth some day, some sooner than later. Will you leave knowing you loved well and took risks? Or will you just exist, play it safe, and watch others walk out their God dreams? Only you can decide. And while we are on this subject, if you have been putting off getting your mammogram please pick up the phone today and make an appointment. Your family and the world needs what you have to offer. ❤️



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